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Best Hotel website - 2014

The official website of our hotel Sayen www.sayen.ru took third place in the competition "Best Hotel website - 2014" held annually by the Russian Hotel Association. The jury assessed the candidates on new criteria that best reflect the current requirements for information channels. Hotel Sayen is trying to provide the highest level of service at all, including in the virtual space.
Deluxe Deluxe Deluxe
fr. 10 200 rub./night
Studio Studio Studio
fr. 11 200 rub./night
Family Family Family
fr. 27 000 rub./night
Deluxe Business Deluxe Business Deluxe Business
fr. 11 200 rub./night
Luxe Luxe Luxe
fr. 18 500 rub./night
Apartment Apartment Apartment
fr. 30 000 rub./night