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Guest: Herbert Prax
3 Jan 2019
Wonderful, everything was perfect! Thanks a lot, i will join again.
Guest: Victor
13 Jan 2018
So far this hotel is the best of all the hotels in the USA, Finland, Latvia and Russia where I've stayed.
Wonder why it's not five-star.  Central but quiet location, big room, excellent breakfast (caviar...!), friendly service.
Guest: Larry & Kendell Lewis
6 Aug 2015
We stayed at Hotel Sayen several days at the end of June 2015.  It was a great experience.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  They answered our questions and helped with transportation, gave good information, and printed our returning airline boarding passes.  The food was so good - we especially appreciated the breakfast.  (It was the best oatmeal I have ever had.)  The room was beautiful and comfortable.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.  If we ever return to Irkutsk, we will stay at Hotel Sayen.
The only problem we had was minor - we did not know there was no transport from the airport when we arrived.  When we left, the hotel arranged for a reputable taxi.  
Thank you for contributing to a wonderful vacation in Siberia.
Guest: Quest
12 Aug 2014
It was a pleasure to stay at Sayen! Friendly and helpful staff, room attendant are excellant! I’ll recommend it to my friends
Guest: Quest
1 Apr 2014
While traveling on the trains Siberia express from Vladivostok to Saint Petersburg, my son and I made irkutsk our "recharge" stop. Intending to stay 4 days to see lake baikal and also get some laundry done.

First choice was the marriott court yard. But when I saw the web site of sayen, I decided why not try a local brand. I certainly wasn't disappointed.

When we arrived at the hotel at 5 a.m. From ulan ude. I was kinda hesitant on the choice as it was located inside a dark alley. But the minute we walked into the lobby, things started to look good. The receptionist spoke English quite well, the lobby looked quite chic and out of place in the middle of Siberia. Right after check and arranging our tour for the next 2 days we headed up to the room.

When we entered the room, the word boutique hotel popped in. Very modern, chic and high tech, with it's master controller adjusting all the lights heating curtains etc. the working table was extra deep, bathroom was just right with both tub and shower, and powered bidet on the toilet.

The bed was perfect except for the square pillow something that was in all the pervious hotels, must be Russian thing.

The next 4 days everything went as planned, the hotel staff were friendly always smiling. We did our laundry in the tub and also had the hotel laundry do our shirts, we gave it at 10 and it was back in the closet the next day.

We tried the 3 food outlets in the hotel, the Japanese outlet again was staffed with friendly smiling crew, service was excellent but the food could be better, the same with the American themed resto .
They're formal dinning resto on the penthouse was also where they served bfast. The bfast selection is done the night before and you hang your choices in the door complete with time that you plan to have bfast, whether in your room or in the resto. This is where all he'll breaks loose, the layout of the Russian and English menu is not the same so the staff will make erros and even if you fill out the Russian menu, they still make mistakes. Anyway the food was good and they're fast in correcting once you get there and if the serving is not enough you can ask for seconds. The view from the resto was fantastic place was well designed again keeping the to the modern chic theme of the hotel.

Unfortunately we were not able to use the spa, as it was fully booked in the last 2 days that we were there, we were so looking forward to the ofuro Japanese treatment.

Oh that dark alley location isn't all that bad, it's away from the busy main road and close to the walking street.
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